Friday, May 31, 2013

Paper plate Owl

My boys are going art frenzy. Everyday they wanna create something , something new and if they come across anything interesting both are on it.. :)

This is what they made for me on Mothers day.. cute isn't it.

It is just made up of paper plates folded, pasted and coloured. How it is done?.. Pictures are self explanatory.

 This one was made by my elder one.

 This one was made by my younger one.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thread painting

This amazing art is made up of just a thread and a creative mind. What you need is a thread, poster/ water colors and your imagination. You can make beautiful greeting cards out of it and its so much fun.

1.Just take about half a meter of yarn, soak it in your favourite colour, leaving a little portion at the end without colour.
2,Take your paper, fold it into half.
3. Put your yarn randomly on any one half side of folded paper, leaving the plain yarn hanging out.
4.Fold your paper back, press the paper hard, and pull the string out slowly.
5.Open your page and see.
6.Repeat it will multiple colours and its done.
7.Then run your creative mind and give that picture some meaning.

Here we had used thread, can use yarn for more brighter colour effects.
Also, you can cut the paper in half , stick it on top of your card and your greeting card is ready.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Simple photo frame

A photo frame decorated with sea shells and bells made up of plaster of paris and then coloured brightly.