Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper cutting

This is something kids learned from the book named Picture Pie, by Ed Emberley. He used circles to be divided and cut like a pie and then make pictures of all kinds. Four simple basic shapes, cirle, semicirle, quarter circle and half of quarter ; can be put back together to make a set of more complex shapes.

These are a few like mouse, fish, dog , sharks, birds n all .. that he made.

Here's a more closer look ...

All made by the four basic shapes only, and just its arrangement. Doing these types of activities enhances the creativity in kids. They look at these basic shapes from an altogether different appraoch. There are so many complex figures too in the book like lion, clowns, flowers,dogs n cats, trees and lots more. The books uses different coloured papers, but Aryan preferred using white paper and then lastly coloring him as he wished.

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